Financial Aid/Scholarships


The College Board Opportunity Scholarships (For Seniors)

Practice for the SAT: $500
Closes End of October
Students who use Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy®, and practice for six or more hours to get ready for test day.

Strengthen Your College List: $500
Closes End of October
Students who update their lists on
BigFuture™ to include at least one safety, two match, and three reach colleges will be eligible to earn a chance at $500.

Going Merry Scholarship Program (For All Grade Levels)

Sign up for Going Merry – it is FREE! Going Merry has thousands of national, regional, and local scholarships. There are also opportunities for every grade level, from freshmen to seniors. To sign up, click here.

You can also download the Going Merry mobile app (and sign up that way) on iOS or Android.

JLV College Counseling (For All Grade Levels)

Sign-up to receive college admission and scholarship advice and information. Jessica provides tips on college search, college visits, college applications, financial aid and scholarship information. A weekly scholarship listing is provided.

Do Something (For All Grade Levels)

Enter to win by doing community service. No essays, no GPA requirements, no recommendations, no applications...and you can enter multiple scholarships.

Chegg (For All Grade Levels) 

FastWeb (For All Grade Levels) (For All Grade Levels)  

Each college has a financial aid webpage, which has information about scholarships available to their students.