GCHS Athletics Hall of Fame

GCHS Hall of Fame Nomination Form

TO: Community at-large

FROM: Drew Thon, Athletics/Activities Director, Garden City High School

SUBJECT: Garden City High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Garden City High School and USD 457 is pleased to announce the formation of the GCHS Athletics Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the Athletics Hall of Fame is to recognize those individual student-athletes, coaches, teams and contributors who have succeeded in their careers while competing at Garden City High School. The Athletics Hall of Fame has been in the formative stages now for several months.

“It is a high priority in Garden City Public Schools to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of our students and staff,” Dr. Steve Karlin, Superintendent of Schools for USD 457, said in regards to the formation of the Hall of Fame. “For many years, Garden City High School students and staff have distinguished themselves in academics, the arts, athletics, and through service in our community. We are proud to have another way to recognize our students and staff for their great accomplishments.”

Garden City High School for many years has recognized two of its graduates with inductions into the GCHS Hall of Fame. Each year, one local and one non-resident GCHS graduate, is selected for induction into the school’s Hall of Fame.

In addition, GCHS Athletics Director Drew Thon said that over the past several years, there was significant  interest among people involved with athletics to have a separate avenue to recognize those students who were involved with athletics and succeeded at a high level.

“We feel this is an important step in recognizing our outstanding student-athletes,” GCHS Athletics/Activities Director Thon said. “This is a separate hall of fame from the school’s hall of fame which recognizes individuals for other accomplishments. We have a rich history in athletics and this will allow us to honor those who not only were successful students, but also successful in athletics.”

Nomination forms will be available at the GCHS Athletic Office as well as online at www.gckschools.com/athletics/halloffame

The first induction ceremony will occur on Dec. 31, 2019, during the annual Buffalo Ball.

The categories for consideration to be inducted include student-athlete, coach, team and special contributor. For consideration, student-athletes must have been graduated at least 10 years prior to the year nominated. Coaches must be retired from active coaching at GCHS for a minimum of 5 years. Teams also must have accomplished their feats at least 10 years prior to the year nominated. There is no time constraint on special contributors.

In the first year of selecting inductees, there is no specific limit by category for the number of student-athletes to be considered. The same will hold true for coaches in the inaugural year. Thereafter, there will be limitations on the number of student-athletes, coaches and teams.

Nominations will be accepted only on official nomination forms and must be submitted to Thon either via mail (2720 Buffalo Way, Garden City, KS 67846) or via email (mthon@gckschools.com). Deadline for nomination submissions will be March 31, 2019.

Nominations will then be evaluated and voted upon by a Committee of nine individuals, six of whom are GCHS graduates and who played athletics for the Buffaloes while in school. That group includes Dan Fankauser, Michael Collins, Stewart Nelson, Gaye (Stones) Beasley, De Ann (Craft) Princeton and Sadie (Ochs) Giedd. The three remaining members of the Committee are Thon, retired GCHS softball coach John Ford and retired Garden City Telegram Sports Editor Brett Marshall.

Evaluations and final voting by the Committee will be done between April 1 and May 31 and the inaugural induction class is expected to be announced by July 1, 2019.

Plans under way call for a Hall of Fame wall with plaques to be constructed inside and to the left of the main entrance into GCHS’ The Garden.