Technology AUP and Forms

Garden City High School has a 1:1 Technology Learning Initiative that incorporates iPads into the learning process.  Additionally, students have access to other devices and services that are utilized in the learning process.  In order for students to use these devices and services, they must agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  Additionally, in order to use the Google apps, permission must be given by a parent or guardian.  

Please read the AUP to understand the student responsibilities and grant access to Google to ensure access to all tools used in the Initiative and to enhance student learning. Complete the process by agreeing to the AUP and giving permission to use Google apps. 

Also, this year all English classrooms will have a class set of keyboards for students to use.  If you, as a student, need a keyboard for other courses, you must complete the Keyboard Form to check one out and agree to the conditions outlined within it. 

Acceptable Use Policy                                                 Keyboard Form