GCCC Dual Credit


                                                 -DUAL CREDIT COURSES-               


10th, 11th, and 12th graders can take dual credit classes and earn college credit.
     * 10th and 11th graders must take college classes at GCHS.  They can also take classes at GCCC in the evenings, weekends, or in the summer.
     * 12th graders must also stay on the GCHS campus for college classes (excluding Health Science and Automotive) unless they are approved to take a class at GCCC that is not offered at GCHS.
     * All students who want to take a college class must take the Accuplacer or ACT test and qualify for GCCC classes that require the test.
     * Each 3-hour credit course at GCCC equals 1/2 credit at GCHS.

Students are responsible for all tution and fees in dual credit courses (example:  College Algebra, English I & II, General Psych9ology, Principles of Biology, etc)
     * Eligibility for sports and activities will be based on college and high school classes.

     * Students taking dual credit courses are NOT eligible for credit recovery through semester school.
     * Course offerings depend on college course and staff availability.
All students are required to complete their GCCC enrollment and the GCCC dual credit form with the GCHS/GCCC Coordinator or their GCHS counselor.


9082 - Youth Entrepreneurs                                                                                                                     
Language Arts
9112 - English I (Must qualify on Accuplacer Test or ACT English & Reading
9085 - English II (Must earn a C in English I)
Computer Science
7022 Windows Applications


9535- Intermediate Algebra (Must qualify on Accuplacer Test of ACT Math
9647 - College Algebra (Must qualify on Accuplacer Test or ACT Math

Culinary Arts
9127 - Basic Food Prep
9128 - Food Prep 1

Oral Communications
9526 - Public Speaking


9564 - Early Childhood Application
9563 - Exploring Teaching

9560 - Principles of Biology

9132 - Introduction to Wind Energy
9126 - Power Plant Technology: Energy Industry Fundamentals

Social Studies
9095 - General Psychology
9102 - Introduction to Sociology
9100 - American Government

Health Science
9633 - Certified Nurses Aid (CNA)

* All GCCC classes subject to availability

Auto                                                                               Mechanics
Specific Courses to be Announced


Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

9523 - Criminal Justice Computer Applications
9524 - Criminal Investigation I       
 Health Science
9642 - First Responder *Fall Only