Education is a treasure,

and culture is priceless

     Many students from different language backgrounds enter USD 457, Garden City, Kansas Public Schools every year, and it is expected that the number of students will continue to increase.  USD 457 provides an equal educational opportunity to all language learners by offering different programs that will assist students in both language acquisition and transitioning to a new school.  These programs include not only courses such as English/Spanish courses and English as a Second Language (ESL), but also extra-curricular activities such as Folklorico Dance Club, Culture Club, and La Familia. Garden City Public Schools takes great pride in the fact that they promote and are able to offer many of these programs to students who enjoy and take advantage of them.  Specific educational programs are available to English Language Learners K-12.  

     The Unified School District 457 makes every effort to employ teachers in those programs who are fluent in both English and Spanish.  When this cannot be accomplished or the language is other than Spanish, such as Vietnamese or Laotian, the district attempts to hire paraprofessionals who are fluent in the other language to facilitate classroom instruction.

     English as a Second Language (ESL) involves specialized instruction to assist students whose native language is not English.  USD 457 utilizes Sheltered English (or the SIOP Model) as its primary basis for English Language Instruction.  This program is very beneficial to students who are learning the English language because it involves a variety of language learning techniques, while encouraging native language use and cooperative learning groups.  

     ESL teachers make curricular modifications in order to meet students' needs, while providing them with the background needed to be successful in core courses.  For a newcomer to the United States, the Newcomer Program provides survival and conversational English to help the student become adjusted to their new country.  Primary grades focus on ESL instruction with the use of native language, while secondary grades provide core courses, ESL, support services, and extracurricular activities.   

     USD 457 provides a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to high school students that are fun and at the same time enhance their abilities…educationally and socially.  Garden City Public Schools embraces its diversity, and the programs offered to encourage growth and success for all students.  Garden City proves to be a role model for other school districts in the Midwest, and USD 457 is grateful for the educators who contribute to the success of each student, as well as the community that supports a variety of school activities.

A group of students of various nationalities.An ESL ParaA womanA woman standing in the hall at GCHSA teacher with a class of high school studentsGCHS Homecoming royaltyA JROTC student in uniform hording a certificateA student and teacher working together on a projectA robotics club demoA group of students with a trophyA large group of students with a trophyA teacher standing outside a classroom and smilingA teacher in a hallwayIMG_4568.JPGA teacherJuanJuvyMarySidniTeacherYuriYuri