Public Service

The GCHS School of Public Service is dedicated to providing high quality education and a relevent foundation for students who are interested in public service fields such as Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Law, Governance, and Education. Garden City High School's Academy structure is based on the Kansas Career Fields and Clusters Model. We believe that incorporating student interest into the curriculum will enhance engagement and promote achievement.

What's Happening in Public Service

New activities and programs enhance student learning:
  • SPS Teacher and Staff have combined activities across the curriculum
  • Save the Grades Night has helped students make up assignments
  • Career and Technical Education ties programs to community
  • ESL students win National Achieve 3000 award
  • SPS Students participate in job shadowing and occupational activities

SPS Administration and Staff

Charles Kipp - Principal - 620-805-5437 -

Adel Parr - Secretary - 620-805-5438 -

Sheri Smith - Counselor - 620-805-5439 -

Kim Steele - ESL - 620-805-5536 -