Testing Information



Printed admission ticket and photo ID
Cell Phones

 Approved Calculator
 Non-approved calculator
 Two number 2 pencils
 Highlighters and colored pens
Water and snack foods
 Books, pamphlets, dictionaries, and other
prohibited materials


Planning ahead for the ACT exam is a must.  A detailed itinerary for your test day (beginning with the night before) will allow you to alleviate stress and head into the exam with confidence.  We've included a model schedule below to help you plan for your ACT exam.

The Night Before:

A good night's rest is essential before you take the ACT.  Sufficient sleep is linked to focus, energy, stamina, and cognitive abilities.  Ideally, you will have studied for weeks leading up to the testing ate and you won't have to cram the night before your exam.  Be confident in your exam prep and relax the evening before your exam.

Go to bed at a reasonable time      Stay up late
Set at least one alarm      Take sleeping aids
Relax, possibly take a shower to calm
your nerves.
   Study for the exam
Get everything organized the night
     Wait until the morning to get organized

The Morning of the Test:

If you've organized everything (i.e. clothing, car keys, and directions to the testing center) the night before your ACT exam, the morning of your test should be relaxing.  Double-check all of your testing equipment before you leave the house.  Eat a good, well-balanced meal that won't upset your stomach and limit your coffee intake, since caffeine can cause added anxiety. Show up to the test center no later than 8 a.m.

Get up at a reasonable hour Get up too early

Double-check your exam materials
Leave the house without ensuring your materials are in working order

Eat a healthy breakfast and limit you caffeine
Eat of drink anything you don't normally consume
Relax and leave the house without enough time to arrive at the testing center a few minutes early Cram or leave the house without sufficient travel time to reach the test center by 8 a.m.

Upon Arrival:

Plan to arrive at the test site by 8 a.m. at the latest.  Once you arrive, present your admission ticket and (if applicable) ask where you can store your bags.  Wait to be seated by a test supervisor.  The test will begin between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.  The test supervisor will give verbal instructions once it's time to get started.

After the Test:

Congratulations!  Now don't overthink your performance-you won't know how well you did until your scores are released.  Follow the ACT coordinator's instructions, pack up your belongings and head home (or out to celebrate).  Be sure to check your ACT account in the days following your exam to see if your scores have been posted for the ACT or if you think there might be an error or discrepancy with your results.