Trade & Health


Garden City High School Academy of Trades and Health focuses on preparing students for carreers in the medical and vocational fields. These fields are best taught with a hands on approach, so that is the approach we take. Whether the student's next step is trade school, medical school, or straight into their career in fields such as construction or agriculture our goal is to insure that they are as prepared as they possibly can be.

Our academy has several workshops, labs, and a greenhouse to facilitate our hands on approach to teaching our students the skills they need to succeed in these fields. We offer the latest in technology in all of these facilities, allowing our students to get a taste of what they will be working with in the real world.

To report your child absent, please call 805-5423.

  • Please note that after your child has reached his/her limit on absences as per the Kansas Attendance Laws, doctor’s notes will be required. Refer to the handbook for specific information regarding attendance.
  • Pre-arranged absences are required for students requesting an advanced absence. Pre-arranged forms can be picked up in the T/H office.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the building without checking out and obtaining a pass from the T/H office.

ID: It is an expectation that students wear school-issued ID's. Students who receive ID related discipline referrals may receive ISS as per the dress code policy outlined in the student handbook.