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* The Buffaloes win Regionals and qualify 12 for the State Tournament.
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* State Brackets

* Pulling The Trigger:

I’m sure that you have heard us coaches yelling Pull The Trigger. What does this mean? We have told the boys that to win another state championship we are going to need bonus points. So our motto has been to score as many points as possible and to do that they can’t be afraid to try things out there on the mat. It doesn’t mean go out there and try desperation moves but to attack and keep attacking so we can score as many points as possible. If we are going to #Strive45 then we can’t be afraid to Pull the Trigger or be satisfied with winning by one or 2 points.


You need to compete with confidence in your training.  This is why you force your best stuff constantly and not be afraid to Pull the Trigger.

You should have confidence in your training and know that the most important thing is to go to war.  Don't just wrestle to win wrestle with a warrior mentality always looking to score more points and PIN!


Let the athlete focus on themselves and the coaches do their thing.  You must remember this is your wrestlers gig.  

The sooner they learn to take complete ownership of their wrestling career and develop the internal pride to win for themselves, the sooner they have a chance to be great and the more prepared they are for the world.

The best thing you can do is support them and let them know you are proud of them for having the guts to train like only wrestlers do and lay it on the line...

...if you're talking about how tough competitors aretelling them what they have to do in matches (OH, which forces them to think in matches and possibly confuses them), in their ear as they are warming up, etc...

Then there's a good chance you are taking them out of their game plan, killing their confidence and keeping them from developing the independence they will NEED down the road.

The coaches and the wrestlers have been in the wrestling room practicing and when you talk to them about moves or strategies it might confuse them as it might be the technique that isn’t being practiced in the room….let the coaches coach and you sit back and enjoy and best of all be supportive and proud of what your son is doing.

Last Word

Wrestlers, Parents...

The training has been done, it's time to relax (easier said than done, but the best do it) and get after it and aren’t afraid to PULL THE TRIGGER!